The phenomena of twins have become one of the greatest enigmas of the nature. Two identical (or almost identical) creatures which get acquainted with each other in a mother’s maw and become connected during the whole life.

They feel each other and understand each other at half a word. They are two individual personalities and one whole organism at the same time. Young couples often ask how to get pregnant with twins. Doctors cannot give an exact answer to this question.

However, there are several versions how to get pregnant with twins. Some of them are just hypothesetic and cannot be considered 100% efficient and reliable.

Heredity. Women and men whose grannies or great grandmothers had twins or belonged to twins can have twins too. This is a proven fact. So, take into consideration this fact while planning your pregnancy. Twins can easily become a surprise for parents. If your relatives have twins, ask women ‘How do you get pregnant with twins?’ to make sure that you can expect two babies at once.

There is also another way to get pregnant and give birth to twins. Scientists say that women who eat sweet potatoes in large numbers can easily have twins. The thing is that this vegetable contains certain elements influencing on fertility. Some southern nations who regularly eat sweet potato often have twins.
Breast feeding. Some doctors think that breast feeding can play an important role in getting pregnant with twins. If a woman, who is nursing a baby, gets pregnant, she will have twins in most cases.

Age. Specialists also say that women at the age of 35 or more have more chances to get pregnant with twins. However, the main question of such women is more often ‘How to get pregnant fast’ because this time is not recommended for being in labor. People are less healthy at 35 than at 20-25.
Medications. There are medications prescribed for certain fertility disorders treatment which can influence a woman’s body and she will get pregnant with twins. Doctors can prescribe these drugs to give a woman a possibility to give birth to a child faster.