According to Tbo Touch, he said he was paid R200k monthly for his services at Metro FM, but quit to chase his own dreams.

While Speaking to T-Bose Mokwele on Kaya FM‚ he remembered a time when he earned less than R5,000 a month at the same station.

When asked how much he was earning when he left‚ He revealed that he was making nearly five times that amount.

“About R200‚000 a month‚ when I left. It was nice. It was a nice cheque‚” He told T-Bose.


He also revealed that he decided to leave the station “out of principle” and at the peak of his career.

“No one has ever left at their prime‚ if you look at where I was. When you look at where I was‚ you know‚ what I’ve done. You don’t make that kinda decision when you’re earning the biggest cheque in the building‚ and you’re saying ‘I’m out’ out of principle‚” Touch said.