According to Sundayworld, Rapper Emtees baby mama Kendall Chinsamy  has allegedly attacked one of his baby daddy’s fan. She is said to be accusing the fan who is only known to be a student with the University Of Johannesburg of  trying to steal her man.

According to the student who said that after rapper took her cell number during a party organised by veteran DJ Oskido in Midrand last year.

“Emtee asked to take a picture with me and my sister and after that he asked for my number. I gave it to him innocently because I am one of his big fans.

“He never called me. After many months, I received a message from an 074 number and I didn’t know who it was. I realized when I checked the profile picture that it was Emtee’s girlfriend.

“All I want her to know is that I’m a fan and have no intention to sleep with Emtee,” said Vengwa.

Source:- Sundayworld