Kenny Kunene, born 21 October 1970 is a convicted criminal, South African businessman and Secretary-General of the Patriotic Alliance.

His wife and baby billionaire’s mother insists that she wants her son to grow up as a modest and God-fearing child despite all the money his father spends on him.

Baby Remo’s mom said she wants her child to visit their childhood homes often so that he learns to appreciate what he has.

“I want him to know those dusty streets we grew up on and to see the suffering of those who aren’t as blessed as he is. I want him to appreciate what he has. I don’t want him to grow up like a coconut but to be respectful and humble‚” she said.

Remo was born in May and has already had a lot of money spent on him. His father proudly splurges on his clothes and accessories such as Remo’s R80‚000 pram.

Kenny said his poverty stricken background has always inspired him to want to do better by his own children.

He said now that he can afford to spoil his children‚ he will not hold back.

“I had my children at different stages of my life. There are things that I wish I could give my other children‚ however I gave them the best I could afford at the time. Best is relative‚ and now I am better financially and therefore Remo has what he has‚” Kenny said at the time.

Baby Remo has an Instagram page which is filled with pictures of him rocking designer labels such as Gucci and Versace.