Apparently, Sam Meyiwa who is the father of late footballer Senzo Meyiwa is not happy about Kelly Khumalo’s track about the professional footballer. Sam has never been a fan of Kelly since his son was murdered right in front of her. The aggrieved dad believes she knows what happened to his son but won’t tell.

And now, he’s accusing the songstress of trying to make money from the dead by writing a song about his son. Notably, Kelly’s new album‚ My Truth includes a song she wrote about Senzo. She must have done that with good intentions, but Sam said Kelly had written the song “simply to irritate” him and his wife.

Sam literally accused Kelly of being happy that Senzo was dead. Thus, she wants to grab the opportunity to cash in on his name with the song. “Where did this girl come from? What does she want from us? How much more pain does she want me and my family to suffer? Uyeyisa lentomba-zane (this girl is being disrespectful). The truth we want from her is who killed my son‚ not to make songs we do not understand‚” Sam told Daily Sun.

Kelly Khumalo’s track about her late boyfriend Senzo has gotten on Sam’s nerves more than once. Whiel accused her of having a hand in his son’s death, Sam also wished that the singer would get arrested while performing her tribute to Senzo on stage.

“I’m sure she was involved (in Senzo’s death). I wish she could get arrested while on stage performing the song. She can go ahead making money with the song‚ but it’ll curse her for the rest of her life‚” Sam said. Nevertheless, in the midst of all the criticism, Kelly remains unfazed. Instead, she focused her energy on her music.