Julius Malema does not discuss his family that often. He tries as much as possible to live a low profile life when it comes to his family. But the CIC has taken a must read jibe and his wife and baby.

It appears being a husband and a father is already telling on Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema since the birth of his son, Munzhedzi.

In October last year, Malema and his wife, Mantwa, welcomed baby Munzhedzi to the world.

It’s not even up to eight months and Malema is complaining about the sleepless nights he has been having because of the young fighter who just wants to play all the time.

The EFF leader says his son deprives him of his much-needed sleep.

He took to social media to complain about the experience.

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In Sepedi, he wrote:

“Go ba motswetši ke mathata, o ka se robale. Batho ba gešo, a ke Bopate le ga nyane. Mmaweee yeses, not complaining (being a parent is a problem. You won’t sleep. My good people, I hardly get any sleep! yeses, not complaining).”

Lots of South Africans including his followers laughed at Malema.

Actor Rami Chuene told Malema that compared to his wife, his situation was better because he did not breastfeed, hence it was easy for men to forget about the experience and go on to have another baby.

Radio presenter Redi Tlhabi shared her own experience, saying she had not slept for more than four hours since her baby’s birth.

“Your body will adjust …I think,” she told Malema.

Responding to Tbo Touch in a recent interview, Malema said at home he was nothing like the EFF leader we’ve seen in parliament. He was a husband and ensured that his home was peaceful.

Malema said when he gets home every day after a busy day, he plays with his son and rolls on the carpet, just like any normal father.

Taking a mocking but playful jibe at his wife, the CIC sai his son loved him more than his mother, and the mother is always jealous of that he said.

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