Dogs, rabbits, birds, fish, snakes, spiders and cats –  yep, they’re pets, primarily kept for companionship – eating up our free time, filling up those empty spaces while providing its owner with both physical as well as emotional benefits. Unlike majority of South African pet owners who absolutely adore numerous breeds of dogs, Mohsin Saley, Almaaz and Nooreen Bhyat’s, passion for wild life has made their residence home to three rather very unusual furry friends; (the largest of the cat family),  Archilles, Chetara and Maximus; their names derived from ancient Greek mythology. Recognized for their dark vertical stripes on a reddish-orange coat if not white, and known for their power and strength, symbolizing courage, these beautiful carnivorous cubs have brought about a unique touch of wild life to Vereeniging, Roshnee.

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“He was barely two weeks old when I brought him home with his eyes still closed” says Mohsin. “Apart from having to feed him special formula milk every four hours for the next two months, I also had to burp him, wipe his bottoms and rock him to sleep – exactly like a human baby.”

Along with his pet tiger, Mohsin’s spare time is filled with walks in the park, drives in his BMW and endless hours of pure joy – the feeling, apparently, is nothing less than a king in his castle.

In an era filled with marvelous technological advancements where 70% of people are engrossed therein, his rare story of love for wild life has certainly amazed me and I’m pretty sure it amazed you too. The big question is: What are WE doing for the love of wild life?