Most south Africans are definitely not conversant with the other loose side of Julius Malema, that easily gives him out as the ladies choice.

  1. Most of you young ladies seem not be progressing with your lives no matter how hard you try because your blessings are blocked by the prayers of the wives of the married men you are sleeping with.



2)  Today is Sperm Appreciation Day
Today, lets have a moment of silence in honor of those children who were not born but were …
1. Swallowed during a blow job,
2. Thrown away in a condom,
3. Wasted in trousers during masturbation,
4. Dropped on someones breast and died in tissue paper,
5. Slipped on someones hips and lost with water,
6. And many more untold incidents.
Consider yourself very lucky to be alive, because you made it!
You are a sperm that survived, whilst billions of others perished!
You were the fastest swimmer and you made it!
So do not feel down. Live life and enjoy it fully. If you made it when you were a sperm … You can make it in life too.
You cannot expect a better motivational message than this………..


3) “A Man agreed with his wife to be having sex on days that Start with “T” that’s Tuesday and Thursday.
On Saturday night he got very Horny and started to Bother his Wife for Sex.
The wife asked what day is it today again?
Hubby:Tataday 😳


4) You know your man is ready to be a father, when he’s holds your legs up during sex like he’s changing a nappy…😳😜



5) You keep asking every girl on Facebook for their contact…my brother,do you register SIM cards?

6) I was writing exam I ddnt know the past tense of the word “think”
I thought n thought n thought and I end up writing “thunk”


7)They will talk to you on social media & walk right pass you by in person..
What type of witchcraft is that??


8) Even A BlackBerry 📳Has More “Curves” Than Some Of These Girls 😥😯😊



9) Your chick aint Ugly , You just Broke 😞😞😞
Give her Diamonds and your Credit Card 😃😃 you’ll see Beyonce rising from GC “uzalo” 😯😯



10)Whoever who said love hurt. must try being a pirate’s fan 😯😯



11)The way kubanda ka khona even ANC guys are wearing EFF-overall inside.

This is incredible Bible has 66 Books , Subtract your Age from it ☝🏽, then add 1951😀😀
Your answer is your Year of Birth. 😉
You dare to doubt..?


12)I told a Zulu guy that education is
the key
He asked : key ye Quantum or
Inyati?? 😥😥😥


13) Ladies you like to say” you can do what a man does better than them right…..Now tell me can you wear a one underwear for more than 4 days ?

14)  Ladies, ,,if your boyfriend or husband is cheating on you…. Boil water Let it boil, boil, boil, and boil. While water is still boiling, ,,wait for him to fall asleep. When you are very sure that he is sleeping,,, ,,,then make some tea and drink. Tea reduces stress. stop crying 😢😢



15)  Real man dont play Super Mario on the phone,he goes to the zoo and slap the lion and start running 😊😁😂