Tragedy struck again as a second year student was found dead in his room at the University of Fort Hare on Monday; the second student death there in a week.

The student was identified as Kabelo Emmanuel Sogobile, who was enrolled for a BCom degree. The cause of his death has not been confirmed yet, according to the university.

Tandi Mapukata, university spokesperson said this was the second death at the Alice Campus, with the first one taking place last Tuesday.

Mapukata said “This is heartbreaking for our university because, not so long ago, we were confronted by a series of students deaths and cannot bear another wave. We urge students to look after themselves and look out for one another. The student counselling unit is always on standby to listen and offer counsel”.

The student who died last week, also in his room, was identified as Bokang Makhaoli. He died of pneumonia.

He further said “On behalf of management and the university community at large, I wish to convey a message of condolence to the Sogobile and Makhaoli families on the loss of their beloved sons.

Mapukata added that “I also extend words of comfort to staff within the student affairs division, security personnel, academics and the student community at large especially their friends and classmates”.