B.com VS Law, Optometry VS Dentistry, Civil Engineering VS Chemical Engineering, Interior Decorating VS Architecture, Journalism VS Feature Writing – the list of career options are indeed endless!

While January is a time in which majority of people are getting into gear, reviewing goals and resolutions, renewing, revitalizing and rejuvenating ones energy and spirit to face yet another year on the rollercoaster, future matriculants have imperative decisions to make that undoubtedly affect the rest of their lives and determine their success in the real world – digital world that is. Technology has not only changed the way in which we conduct day to day activities but has also become an addition to the list of career choices.

Encompassing various jobs with a variety of titles that vary from company to company, jobs in the field of Information Technology has, according to research, been classified in the top ten popular careers worldwide as jobs in this field are proving to be an integral part of military, hospitals, schools, law firms, banks and every other major business with techno geeks changing the way in which we store, exchange, retrieve, transmit and manipulate information. It is substantially the best paying jobs available and is also one in which professionals have numerous avenues to trail including innovations in cloud computing, big data, cyber security and the like.

As this is the time when hundreds of students are nervously applying at tertiary institutions, often faced with too many options making it tough to know where to begin, let’s take a step back and have an overview of pursuing IT. Well, for starters do you want a career:

  • with great earning potential
  • a guaranteed job
  • one that will allow you to see the world
  • that encourages your creative or problem solving streak
  • that opens doors to more than one industry


If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to these questions, your future is highly likely to be a technological one which study in IT can pave with opportunities abound.

An immense interest in computers and its components as well as a quick adaption to the rapid change of the digital world are just a few qualities of a successful IT student. While several courses for IT degrees and diplomas exist at major institutions including Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology, UNISA, University of Johannesburg and Witwatersrand, choices are made by applicants based on personal preferences.

“I’ve always found fancy gadgets with games and refined functions to be very intriguing. A career in IT enables me to take one step further and create these games and useful applications myself. From creating applications that ease simple day to day tasks like adding and subtracting to sophisticated 3-D virtual reality gaming, IT has allowed me to design and develop software for just about anything” says 2016 graduate at Richfield Institute, Yusuf Asmaljee.

Need more reason to pursue IT?

As said by Jenny Arledge; Technology can become the wings that allow the educational world to fly further and faster than ever before – if we allow it. So, let’s forget the past and invent the future!