According to the DA Provincial Spokesperson on Education Jacques Smalle (MPL), the party in the province is calling for the federal government to fire MEC Kgetjepe.

Today’s release of the 2016 National Senior Certificate results for Limpopo revealed a 3,4% decline in the province’s pass rate from 65.9% to 62.5%. These results firmly entrench Limpopo as the second worst performing province and highlights the department’s inability to meaningfully prepare our children for a prosperous future. The sad reality is that for the poorest learners in our province, the chance of getting a good education is decreasing.

The 10,4% drop in Limpopo’s matric pass rate over the last 2 years from 72,9% in 2014 to the current 62,5% is sufficient evidence that the majority of our 101 807 learners’ future prospects are in jeopardy as long as MEC Kgetjepe remains at the helm of the department of education, and fails to tackle the capture of the province’s education by SADTU.

The recent Jobs for Cash scandal revealed that SADTU’s modus operandi of cadre deployment, and kickbacks, has severely hurt education in many provinces, including Limpopo.

The continuous drop in Matric passes is indicative of the institionalised rot within department of education compounded by MEC Kgetjepe’s failure to initiate realistic plans to root out poor financial management and corruption as underscored by the department’s fourth consecutive disclaimer by the Auditor General.

Despite multiple assurances by MEC Kgetjepe that all was on track in the run-up to  the exams, the reality is that education department does not have its finger on the pulse and our schools as well as learners are in dire need of guidance and administrative assistance.

MEC Kgetjepe has now proved that he is not the man for the job and the DA expects Limpopo Premier, Stan Mathabatha, to acknowledge that the Limpopo education system is on a downward trajectory and that we can no longer pay only lip service to this crisis.

We will hold MEC Kgetjepe’s to account and will demand explanations in the Legislature for the declining matric pass rate and the continuous crisis in Limpopo education. It is clear that MEC Kgetjepe must get the boot for this unacceptable state of affairs.

The DA would like to congratulate all learners who performed well in the examinations with specific mention to the learners and teachers from the  Vhembe district who proved that an ethos of learning and discipline can overcome all obstacles.

We need to make this is the norm across Limpopo, so that poor children can access opportunities in life. This is the best way to fight poverty in our communities.