Modern technology – the replacement of alarm clocks, diaries, shopping trolleys, newspapers, magazines, boardrooms and even book stores! How amazing are the inventors of mind blowing products designed to suit our every need? They implement, design, manufacture and market devices before earning a generous amount of money in return whilst enjoying the various laws protecting their intellectual property.

This, however, is really just a tip of the ice berg.

Following feuds between the world’s leading mobile companies, Apple and Samsung are at war to date – a war expected to last a little longer than 2017 after manufacturers of IPhones filed a thirty seven page law suit against the famous ‘S’ with detailed side by side comparisons of products.

Prior to Samsung’s infringement of Apple products, the two companies established an excellent working relationship which has unfortunately been ruined by infringed copyright policies.

In 2010, Apple warned against infringement of Apple patents and is believed to have put forward a licensing deal in which Samsung would pay Apple up to $30 per phone and $40 per tablet. During 2011 Apple officially sued Samsung with claims that the company “slavishly” copied it’s designs, hence filing claims against the opposition in countries including Japan, Germany as well as Korea after which the sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was put on hold in Australia, claiming the design resembled too much of the iPad between August and September 2011; the disadvantages of modern technology prevailing. Further claims, recently, have been raised that people worldwide would be purchasing more IPHONES if it wasn’t for Samsung. This has become the result of duplicated specifications and features of Apple and Samsung devices.

Despite Apple’s big win against the opposition who has been obliged to pay a stupendous amount of money for copyright infringement, the battle rages on as judges in courts around the world have their own view and opinion in light of the matter, keeping Apple and even Samsung fans in suspense of what happens next.

Should Apple drop the lawsuit against Samsung considering that they are both reputable companies who even work hand in hand; Samsung supplying all necessary accessories to Apple? Or should this time and money consuming case continue?